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Welcome to stewartfashion, your #1 LJ community dedicated to the unique and cool style of Kristen Stewart.
In this community, you will find pictures of Kristen on film sets, at movie premieres, parties or just day-to-day candids. We discuss different brands she is wearing, and where we can get exact matches or replica items. We talk about our fav Kristen looks, and our least fav. Please feel free to join, and post! Membership is open to everyone, However you will need to join to see our posts.
A few things to do after you join:
~Check out the Rules
~Fill out our Community Friending Meme :)
~Visit the Official Suggestion Post and tell us all your thoughts and ideas about stewartfashion! What do you want to see here?
~And get Posting!

Your Mods,
Jess j_essie_h 
Lindsey shadybrightside 
Michelle aheartenflamed 
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