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This is the Page-A-Mod post for[info]stewartfashion.
This is where you can post questions, concerns, opinions, suggestions and complaints in regards to[info]stewartfashion. EG:

  • Not sure if you can post something? Ask here.
  • Background colour hurting your eyes?
  • Complaint about another member?
  • Really hate stewartfashion and think it should be banned from LJ?
  • Needs Moar Jacksper?


This is the place to let me know. All comments will be screened when you post them. Once a solution has been decided upon, I will unscreen the comment. This is for the benefit of other members who might have a similar question or are too afraid to ask.

However, If things get a bit too personal, or you would like to keep your comment private, that is not an issue. Those sorts of comments will be kept Private and Confidential.  

You can also contact, if you don’t trust our judgement on screening/unscreening comments :)

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